Eggcellent way to start the day!

Good morning people,

I added some lovely Meraki organic eggs to this weeks box. Same as most weeks I made a yummy not so traditional omelette. Probably best described as an "egg roll".

There are lots of different ways to spice up your Egg Roll the variations are endless. For what I will call the Traditional Egg Roll you will need:

  • 6 organic egg
  • 2-3 slices of organic Bacon
  • a hand full of organic spinach
  • 50g of organic sliced cheese (cheddar or gouda work well)


First things first, preheat oven to 180°C. Grab a baking tray and line it with a piece of baking parchment.

Crack the 6 eggs into a bowl and scramble with some salt. Then mix in the fresh spinach. Pour the scrambled egg mix onto the lined baking tray and pop in the oven for about 20min or until the eggs is cooked.It should look something like this:

Whilst the eggs are cooking, fry up the bacon.

Take the tray of egg out of the oven and layer the fried bacon and sliced cheese in line about a third way down.

Now this is the tricky but not so tricky step. Gently pull the egg away from the baking parchment on one side and then slowly roll it up. As though you were rolling up a newspaper. The bacon and cheese will be wrapped up in the egg. To make sure it all stays rolled up, put a few slices of cheese underneath the edge of your roll.

Pop the egg roll back into the oven for another 10min. When you take it out the cheese should all be melted.

How thick you slice the roll depends on how many people you are serving. I normally slice in half for Marius and I.

Like I said earlier, there are so many ways to spice up this roll. Whether with some grated zucchini, fried mushrooms, tomatoes, some feta cheese or salami. You can fill it with basically anything.

Hope you enjoy,

Carla ♥




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