Hi there,

I am more than chuffed that you have stumbled across Not Another Hippie one way or another and welcome you warmly. Here are a few words explaining the idea and inspiration behind my blog.

I recently moved to Fitzroy in Melbourne, Victoria Australia. Once my Fiancée and I settled into our cute little house, I discovered that our house was situated in the delivery area of “Local Organic Delivery”. Local Organic Delivery is a beautiful little business that delivers fresh seasonal, certified organic and local produce right to your doorstep once a week.

For quite a while now and for many various reasons, I have been trying to eat as much organic produce as possible. (As to the various reasons why, there are so many, I think they deserve there own little blog post, so keep an eye out for that one.) Naturally, discovering local organic delivery has made this a lot easier.

Every Saturday morning, it feels like Christmas here in Fitzroy. I come home from work and find a cardboard box on our doorstep filled with delicious, fresh veggies. There is just something special about unpacking a box of goodness, without knowing what wholesomeness it beholds each time. To this day I have never been disappointed with the quality and variety in each delivery. Everything tastes outstanding. I truly believe many people – myself included up to few months ago – do not actually know or maybe just do not remember how vegetables are suppose to taste. Simply, because regular veggies from the supermarket do not have that true flavour.

Anyways, I could rave about the presentation, quality of contents, nutritional benefits and variety, for pages and pages. I think I should leave this for further posts, in bite sizes, as not to scare you off.
My aim is to write a post about each delivery. Displaying the contents of the delivery and what I cooked it into.
I will admit, in the beginning it was challenging to rewire my mindset of deciding what I wanted to cook and shopping accordantly, and turning the veggies delivered to us, into interesting meals for my Fiancé and I.
However, please do not fear. It does not take long to adjust, you save a lot of money, reduce wastage and feel so very well nourished, to say the least.

Thats all from me for now. Thank you for stopping by. I would be over the moon if you decide drop by every now and again and if I am able to inspire you to have your own box delivered – well that would truly make my day.

Carla ♥

P.S. I am very new to this whole blogging/writing world, so please be patient as I find my feet. If you find any cheeky spelling mistakes please keep them : )